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Light painting : making accessories

Following last post, I’d like to present a little device I created in order to help me in my light painting adventures.

I wanted to have something that could fit in my hand, and which would help me to expand the range of patterns and colors I could for light painting. The idea is to make a sandwich with an 8×8 RGB leds neopixel matrix, an arduino uno and some batteries. Yummy.

BjcpIeICQAAShUw.jpg large

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Light Painting on ice

So as you may know, Montreal is cold during the winter. And when it is cold and snowy, what do you do of your free time ?

Well, you go skating of course ! I used to live near by an ice ring (everybody here lives by an ice ring anyway, there are everywhere in the winter) and one of my friends told me : you know the leds you’re been playing with the past month, I bet they would create a great reflection on the ice.

Which led to…


Yup. An RGB led strip glued on my skates (with, you guessed it, a glue gun !).
And to be frank, I had a blast skating with these on.

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