Light Painting on ice

So as you may know, Montreal is cold during the winter. And when it is cold and snowy, what do you do of your free time ?

Well, you go skating of course ! I used to live near by an ice ring (everybody here lives by an ice ring anyway, there are everywhere in the winter) and one of my friends told me : you know the leds you’re been playing with the past month, I bet they would create a great reflection on the ice.

Which led to…


Yup. An RGB led strip glued on my skates (with, you guessed it, a glue gun !).
And to be frank, I had a blast skating with these on.


The idea was not only to admire the resulting glow on the ice but also to make an attempt at some light painting. When we talked about it with my friend (the one taking the pictures), I immediately imagined myself skating like a pro and seeing my beautiful trajectory afterwards on the picture.


Well, truth is you have to skate very slowly in order to leave a strong enough light trace for the shutter. But the result is worth skating like fool.


If you want to see all the picture taken that day :

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